Paris Itinerary: A (long) Weekend

[Travel Wifi] Ile de la Cité

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a returning visitor, a long weekend in Paris is always better than no ...

France away from France: Best French Restaurants around Europe

[Travel Wifi] Main course with side dish at Bistrot de Boeuf Rouge

  Spending some time in Europe this vacation period? You don’t need to travel in France to master the French ...

Best Picnic Spots in Paris

[Travel Wifi] Quai de la Tournelle

When sun is up everybody fills their basket, grabs their blanket and head out to their favorite picnic spot as if there ...

France Itinerary – Free Things in Paris

A real beach in Paris

  As you will be visiting Europe’s most expensive city, it’s not as easy to travel to Paris on a ...

France Itinerary – What to drink in France?

Champagne served in flute glasses

If you are not living in outer space, you definitely know France is famous for its wine. However, you would be totally ...

France Itinerary – Everything You Wonder About France

[Travel Wifi] Macarons

Episode 1: Which Food to Bring Home from France? Would you like some edible memories? Here are eight yummy souvenirs ...

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