Hippocketwifi vs Travel Wifi

Hippocketwifi vs Travel Wifi

Internet has become one of the essential parts of our life, also when we travel. Hippocketwifi and Travel Wifi are two ...

Compare Competitor MWS vs Travel Wifi

My Webspot vs Travel Wifi

Internet is indispensable in our everyday life as well as when we travel, thus the are a few companies in the market ...

Nannybag – Travel Handsfree

Nanynybag suitcase

Have you ever had to carry your suitcase all over the city because you have arrived way too early or you have ...

Bastille Day – What to do on 14th of July in France?

[Travel Wifi] French Flag

A day to celebrate three milestones of the French Republic; liberty, equality, fraternity! 14th of July, also known ...

Best Picnic Spots in Paris

[Travel Wifi] Quai de la Tournelle

When sun is up everybody fills their basket, grabs their blanket and head out to their favorite picnic spot as if there ...

Why Visit Russia, the Host of the 2018 FIFA World Club?

[Travel Wifi] Kremlin-Palace

You might know Russia from being the world’s largest country, its onion-domed architecture and the October ...

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